Religion & Ethic and religious culture


Our Catholic schools offer religion courses developed locally, approved by the Alberta Conference of Catholic Bishops and based on the religious program of francophone catholic schools in Ontario.

The following is a summary (in French) of the themes taught at every level.


Beginning in September 2015, our catholic schools outside of Edmonton will offer the Quebec course « Ethic and religious culture » to students whom parents requested an exemption from the catholic program.

Ethic and religious culture

Our schools outside of Edmonton offer the program Ethics and Religious Culture, developed in 2008 by the Quebec Department of Education to replace the Catholic religious education course. The program teaches a variety of topics related to ethic and religious culture and allow the child to:

  • acquire or consolidate an understanding of how all individuals are equal in terms of right and dignity
  • learn to reflect on issues
  • explore, depending on his/her age, different ways in which his/her religious heritage is present in his/her immediate or broader environment
  • learn about elements of other religious traditions
  • grow and develop in a society in which different values and beliefs coexist

To learn more about this program, you can follow this link.