Health and safety


Please remember to keep your child at home if there is any symptoms of fever or illness.

If you have concerns regarding your child’s health, dial 811 to contact HealthLink Alberta and talk to a nurse. 

Also, given that the health of your child remains our priority, we suggest you to purchase a good insurance for both you and your child to make sure you are safe if you need to receive treatments immediately. To make it easier, here is the form to complete. For more information about the services provided, you can click on this link.

Here are more information about the insurances we strongly recommend to purchase. Moreover, do not hesitate to click on this link for more details.


Safety of our students if our top priority. Here a list of programs we use to guarantee the safety of your children :

Hour-Zero: To help ensure each child's safety in an emergency situation, the Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord has renewed its five-year contract with Hour-Zero. Hour-Zero offers a complete emergency preparedness program developed exclusively for K-12 school communities. 

Lock-down: Every school conducts at least four lock-down drills during a given school year so that students and staff know what do in case of an emergency situation.

Evacuations/fire drills: Our schools follow the Alberta Safety Code that requires six evacuations and fire drills per year.

School bus evacuation exercises: Two per year, one in the fall, one exercise in the spring.

First Riders: This school bus safety program for kindergarten to grade 3 levels is offered every year in Edmonton just before the school year in August.

You can also help your child by reviewing safety rules at school and in the school bus. For more information about bus safety rules in your school, please clic here.

Red flashing lights on a school bus, what should I do?

Please note that in Alberta the red flashing lights are used in rural environments and only in certain urbain centers. You should follow the instructions in this whenever you see a school bus with its red lights flashing. Lien version en anglais: STAA pop quiz - Red flashing lights.

For more information about safety rules in your school, please contact the principal’s office.